Columbus Ecommerce Solutions

Columbus Ecommerce Solutions

Sell Your Products Online

If you're in the business of making money, why limit where your transactions take place? When visitors come to your website looking for more information on a product or service, you need the capability to make an immediate sale.

Zy Designs specializes in functional, attractive, and secure shopping carts with integrated payment systems, allowing for quick and easy access. Ecommerce solutions like these come with minimal overhead costs while providing expanded revenue opportunities, as consumers are capable of purchasing your products or services online at any time.

Ecommerce Analyst

Ecommerce Analyst & Consultant Services

  • E-commerce store creation, including shopping cart development
    • Specialize in Open Source shopping cart integration, such as Zen Cart
      • Installation and setup support available
  • Research/implementation of relevant affiliate sales and payment integration portals
    • Google Checkout support
    • Amazon support
    • eBay support